Tattoo Cover

Tattoo cover up is becoming more popular these days, especially at weddings with either the bride or a bridesmaid having obvious tattoos that the bride may not want as a distraction in their professional wedding photos (...what the bride wants...).


My unique technique of using alcohol based inks to neutralise the colours in your tattoos and a sweat and budge proof opaque cream camouflage means the coverage is super thin ... and a thin coverage means a very natural looking cover up.


Important notes...

  • Deep tattoos with scarring will still show under the camouflage. Although the colour will be gone the raised skin will still be visible.

  • Rough, dry skin or loose skin will collect the colour exaggerating the skin underneath.

  • Fine hair needs to be shaved as it will show up under the camouflage.

  • Areas that have a lot of movement such as the neck, underarms and inside the elbow can naturally wear so you will be given a pot of camouflage to touch up.

  • For brides with tattoos on the inside arm, a trial will be required to test the wearability of the alcohol inks against a white top. Please note that textured fabric such as lace and sequins will add another level of wear to the camouflage.