What should I do to prepare for the trial?


  • Makeup is only as good as the skin beneath it so it’s important to adopt a skin care routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising daily. Gentle exfoliation (especially around the nose, chin and forehead areas) and finishing with a moisturiser will greatly improve the texture of the skin. If skin is particularly dry then Argan oil or a similar facial oil prior to the moisturiser will help with sealing in moisture after cleansing. Use of a hydrating mask at least once week will assist in keeping skin hydrated and looking radiant. This information also applies to your bridesmaids.

  • At the trial we will discuss if there should be any changes to your routine to make sure your skin is in prime condition for your wedding day.

  • Wear a top in a similar colour to your wedding dress. This is because colours reflect back onto your face and can alter the finished look.

  • I always recommend having somewhere to go afterwards as you will be able to see how it wears, what it will look like in different lighting situations etc. You may find you would prefer a lighter/heavier base or a stronger/lighter or smokier eye. What you want at your trial may end up being different to what you feel you want on your wedding day. 

  • Collect pictures of makeup and hairstyles that you like. Work out what it is that you like about them (or don't like). Maybe it's a very lashy look that you like but hate the idea of eyeliner. Maybe it's highly contrasty or soft and blended look that appeals to you.


When should I have my trial done?


Your trial can be anytime before your wedding day, but getting it organised nice and early means that it's one thing crossed off your ever growing list of things to do.

A $100 deposit is required to lock in your wedding day and is left open to other bookings until it has been paid, so if you are leaving your trial to closer to the wedding date then secure the day with your deposit. Remember, there are only 52 weekends in a year so avoid disappointment and lock in your wedding day asap.


Is it necessary to have a trial?


I recommend a trial before your wedding day, particularly if you are wanting a certain look or if makeup isn't part of your usual routine.

If you decide not to have a trial, then extra time for makeup and hair on your wedding day will be required. This will incur a small additional fee. 


How long does a trial take and what's involved?


Makeup and hair trials take about 1.5 hours each. We will go through 1-2 looks starting with a softer look going up to a stronger one within the styling choices you have chosen.


Do you do airbrushing?


Yes, I do airbrushing.


Do you charge extra for airbrushing?


No, I don't charge a fee for airbrushing.


What is thing you call 'airbrushing'?


Glad you asked... airbrushing is the technique of applying makeup through an airbrush/airgun, which is attached to an air compressor that pushes air out at about 10psi (spray tans are generally about 20psi). It releases a fine mist, which sits as a smooth veil over your skin.

Airbrushing is particularly good if you have a beautiful base to start with and are wanting a natural, clean face with your skin shining through (foundation is used to give the impression of flawless skin, if you're already blessed with gorgeous skin then why cover it with an opaque base?). 


My mother doesn't wear much makeup but I would like her to be made up for the photos?


Mothers of the bride, generally speaking, can have preferred cosmetics so I'm more than happy to work with what they know and love. They are always so happy and surprised by the end result so I highly recommend including them on the day. They will be glad they had their makeup done when they see the professional photography.

"The most beautiful makeup of a women is passion, but cosmetics are easier to buy"

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